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Iron Manufacture

1 at Ånäs and 2 at Lövnäs in Loshult

Iron manufacturing of ore from the lakes, bog ore and red earth has occured for thousands of years. Around lakes Unnen and Bolmen there are therefore a number of old slag heaps, showing that the activity has been quite extensive. In the southern part of Unnen there are slag heaps at Ånäs and Lövnäs in Loshult. To regulate the business and taxation, there have been mining regulations dating from the Middle Ages. In 1855, a new statute came into effect, replacing the former one from 1757. The change meant that the Crown completely gave up their land ownership interest from Crown Lands, while on such Crown Lands, permitted constant tax jurisdiction would lie with those who rented or lived on and farmed the estate. Because the Crown lost considerable revenue a new statute was introduced in 1899 where the Crown reasserted its rights.

From the permit below, we can see that it was Åminne Bruks, Limited that applied for a permit for mining operations at Unnen Lake. The mill was at that time located at Källunda Lake in Kärda parish. The mill could not use ore from Källunda Lake because it had too poor a quality,but obtained ore from Vidöstern, Bolmen and Unnen. The blast furnace was moved in 1900 to Åminne station in Skåne - Småland railroad beside the banks of Vidöstern which was called new Åminne.

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Sture Andreasson Varberg (son till Franse)
Lars Morins D-uppsats Luleå tekniska universitet 2009.
Åminne bruk i Nordisk Familjebok 1922

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