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The name Odensjö was written Odensredha in 1389 and Odhensryd in 1418 where ryd means a clearing.
The parish is located on Bolmen Lake's Southwest shore, and until 1942 was the mother congregation for Odensjö's parish. In 1943 and onwards it was a parish annex in Lidhult's parish.

One can read the following in the Natioalenxyklopedin (in Swedish):
Parish in Växjö diocese, Ljungby Community, Småland (Kronoberg County); 324 inhabitants (1993). Odensjö consists of moss rich and sparsely populated woodland Southwest of Bolmen Lake. The 100 ancient monuments include a stone cist from the Stone Age and three Iron Age burial grounds. The church of stone probably originates from the late Middle Ages. It was destroyed by fire in 1815 and rebuilt in 1818 when, among other things, the little wooden tower on the western gable was added. The narrower, rectangular choir was added in 1926. A late medieval crucifix has been preserved.

The Churches coodinates are N 56° 51.649', E 13° 36.885' (56.86081, 13.61474) (WGS 84).

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