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Ryds sawmill

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In 1896 Johan Andersson (8:172) sold the Ryd farm to Mssrs Manske and Heisenbyttel in Hannover (Germany). In the same year construction of one of Southern Sweden's most solid sawmills began, that was tax value assessed at 60,000 Swedish Kronor and cost nearly 100,000 Swedish Kronor to build.
Knut Björkman (8:528)was hired to lead the building and operations in Sweden. He was born in Visnum in Värmland in 1847 and was obviously a very energetic man, who set up and laid out all the latest technology had to offer. He was assisted by sawmaster Lars Olsson (10:361) who moved long distance and previously had worked in a number of sawmills in Norrland and Småland. A railway track 1.7 kilometers long from the sawmill to Byholma station was built at a cost of 15,000 Swedish Kronor. Oxen were used as draft animals because the railway embankment did not have sufficient bearing capacity support use of a locamotive engine. The plant had its own electrical work, which provided the sawmill, machine room, and lumber yard with electric light and telephone line between the sawmill and the railway station and Björkman's home.
The company also owned large forest domains in the area including Stenhöga in Vrå and Tiraholm of Southern Unnaryd.
There was even a steamboat To tow timber over Bolmen Lake. In the fall of 1901 there were probably economic problems, and the company tried to reorganize with Swedish owners. They were Knut Björkman senior and junior, C. Siebke of Skeen, Captain JH Höök and City Superintendent G Bissmark in Halmstad. The Board would be established in Halmstad.
The sawmill operation did not last so long and in 1909 the relatives of Johan Andersson purchased the farm back.

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GPS-koordinat: WGS-84 N 56° 48.162' E 13° 35.190' (56.8027, 13.5865)
RT-90 X 6299504 Y 1364465

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Smålandsposten 23 Dec 1896, 12 Oct 1901.

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